Saturday, March 8, 2008

Lauren Reed: Alias Annoying? has a thing they do called the Annoying Character of the Day, and unfortunately, a character, a Big Bad matter-of-fact, on one of my favorite TV shows of ALL TIME has been named an Annoying Character of the Day. That show? Alias. The character? Lauren Reed.

Lauren Reed totally got short-ended in the grand scheme of things. When she was brought on in Season Three, she was the other woman in the relationship between heroine Sydney Bristow and her CIA partner/handler (in more ways than one) Michael Vaughn - when Sydney wakes up after a crazy battle with an evil clone at the end of Season Two, Vaughn informs her that she's been missing for two years... oh, and that he's married. To Lauren. Fans automatically hated her from the second she stepped on screen, which sucks because I was personally excited to see Melissa George on the show after making such an impression on me in Mulholland Drive.

Then, the inevitable evil in Lauren comes out, creating an interesting storyline that totally parallels the past with how Jack and Irina lived together as a married couple with Jack not knowing that his wife was evil. However, fans out there were just itching for Sydney to off her. True, Lauren was a letdown as a Big Bad after the badass Irina Derevko in Season Two, but she still held her own in the ensemble and did some pretty cold-blooded shit against the Alias Scooby Gang.

Ultimately, the grumblings of some idiotic fans led the writers to off Lauren in the Season Three finale, a tragic example of wishy-washy fans affecting the outcome of a story that could have gone in amazing new directions. And, forever more, Lauren is viewed at as one of the worst characters ever to grace the Alias-verse, an honor that was very unfairly bestowed upon her.

As for Melissa George, I wouldn't mourn for her. She's doing excellently in the amazing HBO series In Treatment, where unfortunately, fans still carry rancor for Lauren. Now, that's some cold-blooded shit itself. She's just a character, people!


dman_rocks said...

Here are my thoughts on Sydney Bristow and Michael Vaughn as couple. Just hear me out here. Where to begin on Sydney Bristow. Sydney is terrible when it comes to relationships. She doesn’t explore other possibilities, into her life. Instead all she focuses on is Michael. What about Eric Weiss? They enjoy each other’s company and he really likes her. Or how about Will Tippin? Who seems like the man Sydney is meant to be with. She’s always drawn to him in someway. Now it came to when Sydney was thought to be dead, Michael moved on and married Lauren Reed. :D Well Sydney really is just I’m sorry but just plain dumb here. (Talks in a little baby voice being a little sarcastic) Poor little Sydney Bristow. She can’t move on from Michael.

She constantly doesn’t seem to accept that Michael has found happiness and constantly spies on Michael and Lauren and we’re supposed to feel bad for her? Psssh. How about date Eric. That guy loved Sydney a lot. For a lot of the third season during the time Michael was married to Lauren, there are many scenes with Eric and Sydney hanging out together.

Now when it comes to Michel Vaughn, he was awesome when he was married to Lauren Reed. Why do I think this? Because they are the most unexpected match and seem to share a passion that cannot break their happiness. However, at one dinner Lauren gave Michael his watch back, having fixed it. Instead of Michael thanking Lauren for at least trying to help him feel better he responds, “This isn’t working. I think we should separate.” Then I considered him one of the biggest idiots ever for dumping her. All Lauren would do is tried to fix things and Michael was too focused on Sydney. Lauren had every right to be upset after that. “This is about Sydney isn’t it?” she explains. Michael denies it. But Lauren responds. “If you want to wreck me, the least you can do is be honest about it.” And she was right. He flat out had lied to her and she could tell he was too caught up in Sydney. Vaughn was 'The Jerkennator' after that.

Overall, I’m not saying this just because I really like Lauren. It’s really just my honest observation on how Michael and Sydney do together and in relationships that really could be.

Ike said...

I totally agree that they should not have killed her off. She is such a badass character, she could have at least graced two seasons.

Even her death, it was not dramatic at all. She just fell into some... mine? lol. It didnt do justice to her evil-ness.

Imagine: even before Lauren's Covenant identity was exposed, Vaughn was already treating her unfairly, like what dman_rocks said above me. What if Lauren really was a good wife? What if she was not a spy? Then she would be the pitiful neglected wife character. So either way if she remains good or turns bad, things aren't going to end well for her. But killing her is such an anticlimax when you've built up such an exciting character out of Lauren Reed. I guess there can't be too many villains in a show like this.

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barame yongkhongkrapan said...

Here are my thoughts on Sydney Bristow and Archangel Vaughn as span. Honorable rivet me out here. Where to act on Sydney Bristow. Sydney is intense when it comes to relationships. She doesn't explore another possibilities, into her spiritedness. Instead all she focuses on is Archangel. What about Eric Weiss? They like each other's fellowship and he real likes her. Or how almost Instrument Tippin? Who seems same the man Sydney is meant to be with. She's e'er tense to him in someways. Now it came to when Sydney was intellection to be breathless, Archangel emotional on and wed Lauren Sawbones. :D Good Sydney real is righteous I'm worthless but retributory solid unarticulate here. (Talks in a minuscule baby vocalize being a small saturnine) Beggarly that they should not make killed her off. She is specified a badass reference, she could acquire at least graced two seasons.
Flush her ending, it was not hammy at all. She virtuous lapse into whatsoever... mine? lol. It didnt do magistrate to her evil-ness.

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Anonymous said...

Lauren reed was a bitch! She deserved what was coming to her.